Our story

Alienina, founded in 2008 by creative director Eliana Venier, emerged with a unique vision—to inspire individuals to discover the additional life and function in everyday objects. Rooted in a philosophy of reimagining the ordinary, our project is dedicated to giving new functionality and aesthetic value to those items, extending their lifespan in a sustainable way.

Every piece at Alienina is handcrafted, ensuring its uniqueness. Our techniques draw inspiration from old traditional crafts, seamlessly interpreted in a contemporary context; they are firmly rooted into Italian craftsmanship, with 100% handmade products conceptualized and designed in our studio in Perugia, Umbria, where our team produces high-quality, artisanal goods.

We take pride in using materials that embody our commitment to sustainability—90% of our materials are production waste; all of our organic cotton ropes are washable and the wax we used in some of our styles it comes from a natural source. All the materials come from reputable manufacturers, including our innovative biodegradable leather and recycled plastic.

With the arrival of Pilar Concheiro Alienina evolved into a complementary duo, united by a shared passion for travel, love for bookstores, and an aesthetic sensibility in common; a bond forged through a whole life of sharing memories, experiences, and growing together.

Alienina is not just a brand; it is the narrative of a friendship. It is the story of two friends, two soul sisters with a common vision.

Welcome to the world of Alienina—where creativity meets sustainability, and every piece tells a unique story.